Level III Area of Specialization
Military/U.S. Coast Guard Outpatient
The Defense Health Program or U.S. Coast Guard funded "fixed" facilities or distinct parts of a facility, providing outpatient medical and dental services, primarily for Uniformed Services beneficiaries. A "fixed" facility is a non-temporary, non-deployed facility. It includes mobile specialty units such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) units that may furnish services at the "fixed" facility. It includes, as examples, the institutional portion of outpatient encounters (except Ambulatory Procedure Visits), supplies issued (e.g., glasses, ostomy supplies, crutches), and radiology and laboratory studies. Does not include items issued directly to a patient from an outpatient pharmacy or patient transport. Source: TRICARE Management Activity Uniform Business Office Userís Guide [1/1/2005: title modified, definition added; 7/1/2006 title modified, definition modified]